Finishing Service - Corners, Die Cutting, and More

Spark offers services that change the look of the finished product. Pricing varies depending on the project, so please inquire for more information.

  • Rounded corners. We offer corner rounding in 1/8" (small) or 1/4" (large) up to 250 quantity. Quantities greater than 250 qty follow our die cutting pricing. You may round corners on both flat and folded panels.
  • Die cutting. This is the process of cutting shapes into the paper.  We die cut using custom-made metal dies that are fitted to the same presses we use for printing.  The paper passes through the press and the metal die cuts the desired shape.  We have a large collection of die shapes available and frequently create new dies depending on the project.  Die cutting makes it possible to create custom packaging as well as our custom pocket folds, luxury mailers and envelope liners. The cost of the metal die depends on the size and number of turns (how complex it is). 
  • Perforation or press score. A perforation or press score may be added to any flat or folded panel upon request.  We often receive requests for a perforation added to a panel in order to create a tear-off reply card or reply postcard.  
Example of die cutting used on our Daphne custom design.

Example of die cutting used on our Daphne custom design.

Valerie Carlson