Print Methods Offered

We currently offer letterpress, foil stamping and digital (typically for local clients). Letterpress uses a raised plate that is inked and pressed into the paper for a tactile impression you can see and feel. Foil stamping uses a heated copper plate to press adhesive backed foil into the paper. Foils are available in a range of colors. Digital/Offset are flat printing methods with no impression that offer the full range of colors with fewer paper choices.

Many of the custom designs and print work featured on our website are printed letterpress. If you would like to add a foil to your order, keep in mind that foil does not work for all designs. Foil is applied with heat and expands when it lays down on the paper so think, intricate artwork may be lost or plugged. We are happy to work with you and offer recommendations.

If you plan to submit press-ready artwork for letterpress or foil stamping, keep in mind that not all artwork is suitable for these print methods. We are happy to review your artwork at no charge prior to placing your order.  See also our artwork submission guidelines for more information.


Valerie Carlson