Letterpress Inks

Letterpress is our specialty and passion at Spark. Letterpress utilizes antique presses to make an impression in paper. Marked next to each color swatch is a P that signifies whether or not also offer a paper in a similar hue. Please keep in mind that when printing on colored papers, you should select an ink that is either in the same color family (for a tone on tone look) or a darker ink that will pop on the paper. We highly recommend any of our metallic inks when printing on our colored papers.

We are fans of blind letterpress (no ink, just impression) because it creates a subtle, classic look. However, blind letterpress is not suitable for all designs. We also recommend using our clear varnish or transparent inks such as transparent white, silver or gold for just a hint of color. Of course, if you are a purist, then stick to a blind hit. Blind letterpress is priced the same as if you were using an ink because it is still a separate (and picky) press setup. 

Metallic inks, especially on our cotton stocks, are going to have a matte finish. You'll still have that great metallic color, just don't expect anything shiny. If you really want shiny, request foil-stamping!

Foil Stamping

Heat is used to transfer metallic or pigmented foil to paper.  We use the same antique presses only with an attached heating unit and copper printing plate (foil die). Popular foils include matte/shiny light gold, matte/shiny gold, matte/shiny silver, copper, rose gold, black and white. Special order foils are available upon request.